Lili Refrain

Lili Refrain is a popular Italian musician and performer from Rome. Since 2007, she has impressed audiences with her solo shows, using electric guitar, vocals, percussion, synths, and live loops without any pre-recorded tracks. Her music blends folk, psychedelic, blues, rock, metal, opera, and guitar virtuosity into a unique and captivating sound.

Lili Refrain was born and raised in Rome, where she began her musical journey. Influenced by her father’s rock and psychedelic records from artists like The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Santana, and Pink Floyd, she started playing guitar as a teenager. Her debut solo album, released in 2007, kicked off her solo career. Since then, she has released several praised albums, including “9” (2010), “KAWAX” (2013), “ULU” (2020), and “MANA” (2022), each showcasing her evolving and boundary-pushing sound.

Lili Refrain’s live performances highlight her exceptional skill and taste. She layers sounds in real-time, taking listeners on a genre-defying journey. Her intense concerts deeply connect with the audience, making each show a unique and transformative experience.