London music and concert photographer

Daniel Caceiro

Hello! I’m Daniel Caceiro, capturing the exciting world of live music through my camera lens. Based in London, I specialize in live music and street photography.

Live Music Photography

I’m a photographer based in London who focuses on live music and street photography. My passion for photography started in 2016, and since then, I’ve photographed concerts ranging from small venues to large arenas. My portfolio features shooting concerts from artists across genres like Metal, Punk, Blues, Hip Hop, Samba, Rock, and Portuguese Fado. Some notable bands include Muse, Sepultura, The Hu, Gogol Bordello, Zebrahead, Ben Caplan, Flogging Moly, Heilung, Emicida, and Sara Correia.

Photography Skills and Equipment

With a digital design background from university, I naturally transitioned into photography, blending artistic vision with technical skills. I’ve used Sony cameras from the start, beginning with the A6000 APS-C and now shooting full-frame with the Sony A7rV and A7IV to capture vivid, detailed moments.

Collaborative Approach:

As part of the music and photography communities, I strongly believe that sharing knowledge and opportunities is essential and to do so, I constantly share tips on concert and street photography and am always willing to support new photographers into their careers.

I’m open for concert photos, and band portraits and happy to connect with aspiring photographers.

Capture the Moment

If you’re interested in exploring live music photography further or need a photographer with a fresh perspective for your next project, I’d love to hear from you. From local gigs to major arenas, I’ve learned that every moment tells a story worth capturing. Let’s tell yours together.

I’m available for projects in London and internationally. To discuss photography needs, collaborations or just chat about music and cameras, get in touch. Let’s create something impactful!

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