Being one of my favorite genres, folk music encompasses a wide range of styles, from traditional acoustic performances to more contemporary and experimental approaches. The beauty of folk lies in its ability to tell stories and convey emotions through simple, yet powerful compositions. Whether it’s the gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar or the haunting melodies of a fiddle, folk music has a way of connecting with listeners on a deep, personal level.

I’ve had the opportunity to shoot folk concerts of many different styles, from Americana to Nordic and Celtic inspired bands and artists, like Shawn James, Amigo the Devil, Heilung, and Eivor. Each of these artists brings their own unique perspective and flavor to the genre, creating a diverse and captivating landscape of sound.

Shawn James, with his soulful voice and introspective lyrics, captures the essence of Americana, drawing listeners in with his raw, honest performances. Amigo the Devil, on the other hand, takes a darker, more gothic approach to folk, weaving tales of love, loss, and the macabre with his haunting banjo and guitar work.

Heilung and Eivor both draw inspiration from Nordic and Celtic traditions, creating a mesmerizing blend of ancient and modern sounds. Heilung’s primal, tribal rhythms and chants transport listeners to another time and place, while Eivor’s ethereal voice and lush arrangements paint vivid pictures of the Faroese landscape and folklore.