As my favorite genre, I have a deep fascination of the power and intensity of Metal Music, from the riffs, lyric themes and overall diversity of the genre.

I’ve photographed bands from almost every corner of the Metal world, including Nu Metal giants like P.O.D, Skindred, and Bloodywood, who blend heavy grooves with elements of hip-hop and reggae or indian folk styles.

I’ve also ventured into the dark and mysterious realms of Black Metal, capturing the raw intensity of bands like Marduk and Батюшка, who create eerie soundscapes and powerful, often controversial, imagery.

Folk Metal is another fascinating subgenre I’ve explored, with bands like Korpiklaani, Alestorm, and The Hu incorporating traditional folk instruments and melodies into their heavy sound, creating a unique and captivating blend of old and new.

Progressive Metal, with its complex song structures and technical prowess, is equally compelling, and I’ve had the chance to shoot legends like Sepultura and rising stars like As Everything Unfolds.

Stoner Metal, with its thick, fuzzy riffs and psychedelic vibes, is another subgenre I love to capture, having photographed influential bands like Melvins and Elder. The slow, heavy grooves and hypnotic atmospheres create a truly immersive experience for both the audience and the photographer.