Islington Assembly Hall

The Islington Assembly Hall is a beautiful, historic venue located in the heart of Islington, North London. Built in 1929, this Grade II listed building boasts a stunning Art Deco interior, with its grand hall, elegant balconies, and unique stage backdrop, making it a sought-after location for live music and events.

With a capacity of around 800, the Islington Assembly Hall provides an intimate and charming atmosphere for performers and audiences alike. The venue’s excellent acoustics and warm ambience create a perfect setting for a diverse range of musical genres, from folk and indie to world music and beyond.

I’ve had the privilege of capturing several memorable performances at the Islington Assembly Hall, showcasing the venue’s versatility. From the hauntingly Americana of Amigo The Devil to the neo-medieval folk of Faun, the samba of Brazilian legend Martinho da Vila, and the indie-pop of Paris Paloma.