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Understanding The Three Song Rule in Concert Photography

Concert photography is an exciting but difficult type of photography. We, as photographers, have to capture the energy and emotion of live music performances on stage but also have to follow the “Three Song Rule” in most scenarios, which can lead to some interesting challenges. The Three Song Rule means that photographers are only allowed […]

Concert Photography Essentials: A Comprehensive Shot List Guide

Recently, a starting concert photographer asked me about some tips, and I thought of one that it’s now almost unconscious to me but is always quite helpful: what are the core photos I try to take of a concert to have a diverse range of angles, perspectives and moments to create a compelling session. Not […]

Common Mistakes Street Photographers Make

As a street photographer, capturing everyday life’s candid and spontaneous moments can be very rewarding, but it’s not a photography genre without challenges. Some of the mistakes below are very frequent and can ruin your shots or overall experience. 1. No planning before leaving for a session For some, Street Photography may look like just […]


The Best Sony Lenses for Concert Photography: Zooms and Primes

Benefits of 1st-Party Sony Lenses: The Best Sony Lenses for Full-Frame Cameras in Concert Photography: I always try to carry a minimum of 2 lenses for a concert, one covering a wider angle and one covering a tighter angle. For some shows I’ll carry 3, that cover almost the whole range, allowing me to take […]


Best Tools to backup your photos as a concert photographer

As a concert photographer, capturing live performances creates valuable assets that require proper backup to prevent data loss. There’s nothing worse than wanting to revisit or share specific content and not being available anymore due to a data failure. I recommend keeping the  RAW photo files alongside processed versions, as it allows you to revisit […]


Recommended Earplugs for Concerts

As a concert photographer, I am often close to the speakers, and over the years, I have noticed that it has impacted my hearing. Over the past years, I’ve started using earplugs, and I’d recommend them to anyone attending or shooting a concert. Why wearing Earplugs is important Prolonged exposure to loud music can cause […]


Choosing the right camera settings for concert photography

One of the most common questions I hear is: What’s the best setting for me to shoot a concert? It’s known that setting your camera on Full Auto won’t help you to capture the best shots at a concert, due to the different and ever-changing environment. That said, I wanted to share a bit of […]


Choosing a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera for Concert Photography

When it comes to concert photography, the choice of camera can make a world of difference. Two common types of cameras used in this field are APS-C and Full-Frame cameras. Before we get into the top five full-frame mirrorless cameras for concert photography, let’s take a quick look at the differences between these two types […]


How to Get Started in Concert Photography

Starting at Concert Photography might seem extremely hard, and it sometimes might be, but as almost with every kind of art or profession, hard work and dedication to learn can take you very far. I’m highlighting below a bit on how the process worked out for me, keep that in mind that it might not […]


2023 and my concert photography journey so far

Capturing a live performance through a lens was a new experience for me. It started at a Mastodon concert in 2017 in Amsterdam and gradually became something I’m passionate about. With a simple kit (Sony A6000, with two prime lenses, the Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and the Sigma 60mm f/2.8) I began exploring the world of […]


Choosing a Mirrorless APS-C Cameras for Concert Photography

As concert photographer, we know that shooting in low light, and fast action is not an easy feat, and most of the time it does seem that it requires one big professional full-frame camera, but I think that might not be true, as great photos can be taken from almost any modern camera now, with […]


How to Fix Banding/Flickering for Sony A7 and A1 Series – Quick and Easy

Banding and flickering can significantly affect the quality of concert photography, especially when using mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7 and A1 series under challenging lighting conditions. This article delves into Sony’s innovative features designed to combat these issues, offering practical solutions for professional and amateur photographers alike. Understanding Banding in Sony Cameras Banding, a […]


Using a Ricoh GRIII and GRIIIx for Concert Photography – Review

In concert photography, we often see lists of the “Best Camera for concert photography” and they mostly contain full-frame DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. In some cases, you can still find some APS-C models. Although I do agree that they are better suited (and I carry a Sony A7RV for my shots), some people who are […]


Banding with LED lights and the Electronic Shutter in concert photography

As a concert photographer, I frequently encounter banding issues when shooting concerts with mirrorless cameras and LED stage lighting, especially in the Metal scene, where the lighting is not always the best. The pulsing coloured lights combined with electronic shutters can cause inconsistent exposures and dark banding in images. This is incredibly frustrating when trying […]


Chiaroscuro – A Photographer Guide to This Technique

Light and shadow. As a concert photographer, I’m obsessed with this relationship. The contrast between bright spotlights and dark shadows can make for some incredible photos. Backstory on Chiaroscuro Chiaroscuro comes from the Italian words light (chiaro) and dark (scuro). The technique started in the Renaissance era when artists like Caravaggio used it to make […]